Successful College Careers

Successful College Careers

After committing several critical errors in my own planning, I want to let you benefit from my experience. Here are what I consider the Top 5 Appliances that can lead to a Successful College Career:

The compact refrigerator is the most valuable player for every student. A quick snack or beverage is just a moment away regardless of whether you’re in a dorm or house. Sizes and features vary, but I suggest getting the largest possible for the space available. After all, on campus living picks up the electric bill.

A microwave will save you from a midnight food run and help heat that mountain of easy mac & ramen noodles. I found that a counter-top unit can fit almost anywhere and is perfect for not only reheating pizza, but firing up a hot beverage in the cold of winter. Hey, I even used mine to wake me up when my clock was on the fritz… You can’t get more useful than that.

I know, you thought that as a college student I’d pick a kegerator first. While it may be first in my heart, it realistically ranks #3. Cold beer on-tap whenever you want it is hard to beat. Whether you pick a full-size version or go for a smaller cousin, the mini kegerator.

Road trips are a cornerstone of the college experience, that’s why a travel cooler is so important. I’ve been on three cross-country jaunts and we’ve gotten our money out of it five times over. Believe me, after a non stop diet of junk food and warm beverages during my first trip, I’ll never go back. All you do is plug it in to the cigarette lighter and set it to “chill.” Capacities vary, but give this one some serious consideration.

Lastly, we use a free-standing water cooler almost hourly. Our local municipalities’ water tastes really bad; this doesn’t go over well with the athletes in the house who are in constant need of water. After seeing all of the plastic bottles we go through, we decided that the most environmentally responsible thing to do is to get one of these babies. The cost is about the same and we end up saving some plastic trees. It’s definitely worked for us.